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Who We Are

In-home physical therapy for active individuals

GG Physical Therapy is an in-home concierge physical therapy practice that specializes in working with active individuals. We want to keep active people active for a lifetime. We believe that movement is a key factor in a great quality of life and we want to be sure you never stop moving! We work with a variety of clients from high school athletes, weekend warriors, marathon runners, and fitness fanatics to those who simply just enjoying moving.


Our approach is different from that of traditional physical therapy. Not only do we come to you, BUT we also work with you 1-on-1 for an entire 60 minutes at every single visit. 

Our goal at GG Physical Therapy is to promote wellness through movement. If you enjoy moving your body, want to learn how to move better, or are limited in movement due to pain or injury then we are the perfect fit! 

Learn about our  3-Step approach to getting you back to doing the activities or sports you enjoy the most!

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What makes us different


Each visit is 60 minutes long and spent entirely with a doctor of physical therapy. You will not be passed off to an aide or bounce between multiple clinicians. With individualized attention, the quality of care you receive improves drastically! 

out of network

We are not affiliated with any health insurance company. This provides you with transparency (no hidden fees) and allows us to provide the care that you NEED vs what is only allotted by your health insurance company.

Performance based

Your goals are our goals! We want you to reach your greatest potential. Whether that is walking down the street without taking a break or setting a personal record in your next marathon. We utilize the tools and knowledge base to get you there. 


We come to you and work with you in the convenience of your own home. We bring all of our own equipment and utilize what you have in the home as well!

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Pain and injuries are not always so simple and can occur for different reasons. During your first visit, we will dig deep to find where your pain is stemming from and what caused it!

This step is crucial to ensure you have great results! 



During your follow-up visits we will work together to create a plan based on your root cause. No two injuries are the same and this process lets us customize a plan directly for you.

The plan may consist of manual work from your therapist, as well as an exercise routine designed specifically for you.



Injuries take time and attention and while we guide you through your injury, we want to be sure you have the tools to prevent future injury!


Lastly, you will be given a toolbox to which you can refer to help you stay healthy after your treatment has ended with GG Physical Therapy. 


Do you want to know if GG Physical Therapy is right for you?