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Concierge Physical Therapy

serving the Dallas, Texas metroplex

We are changing the game of in-home performance physical therapy for active people looking to stay active, overcome injuries AND get back to doing activities they love.

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What We Do

We help local athletes, everyday gym goer's, and those who simply want to live an active lifestyle; recover from injury, stay injury free, and return back to the activities and sports they love doing! 

We understand the importance of movement and want you to stay moving for a lifetime! We are not your typical run of the mill physical therapy clinic. We are bridging the gap between physical therapy and sports performance by providing treatment plans that are advanced, challenging, and allow you to confidently achieve your goals to continue an active lifestyle.


Whether it is pain, loss of mobility or an actual injury that is holding you back, we are here to help guide you back to a full recovery.

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Getting Started Is Easy!

Schedule a FREE Phone Consultation 

Prior to scheduling an initial appointment, we want to make sure we are the right fit for each other!


Each consultation will last approximately 15 minutes, but of course we are here to answer all of your questions!

Schedule a 90 Minute Initial Evaluation

This appointment will be made following your FREE phone consultation. 

During your evaluation a full assessment will be performed by a licensed physical therapist, followed by hands on treatment and a customized exercise plan to help expedite a healthy return to full recovery!  

Work with us to develop a plan to return to your active lifestyle

Results take time, consistency, and effort! Usually, one visit doesn't do the trick. Most patients work with us for 2-3 months depending on your injury and goals.

Within this time frame we give you the tools to be successful to return back to the activities you enjoy most!

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"Gabby is a miracle worker. I came to her with a laundry list of lower body ailments - from tight and clicking hips to knee pain that were inhibiting me from running, squatting and any movement alike. She was compassionate, patient and thorough trying to figure out what the main culprit was and customized a program that helped me strengthen my legs and relieve the knee pain. In addition, she went above and beyond and put together a return to running after injury program that has helped me get back to running pain free. She’s truly one of the best PTs out there!" 

                                                                                                                                              - Sorod P.


Do you want to know if GG Physical Therapy is right for you?

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